A Spoiled Doll is a type of doll that can be made in-

The Spoiled Doll's Dollhouse Chibi.


In-Game Interactions Edit

Come Around More Edit

The Spoiled Doll says you don't come often enough, and wants to play with you more. You can ask her to play alone or with others. If you choose play alone, she says it isn't any fun. If you choose play with others, she says she wants to play with you because you created her.

Christmas Edit

It's Christmas, and she gets another bow as a present.

Sweets Edit

She asks if you brought sweets. You can say that you brought a cake of that you forgot. If you brought a cake, she gets happy. If you say she forgot, she gets angry and leaves.

Favorite Color Edit

She asks your favorite color. You say blue, and she says it's a color for old ladies, and that hers is pink.

Hair Edit

She asks for you do her hair, and you do braids.


Doing her braids.

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