A Shota Doll is a type of doll you can make.

The Shota Doll's Dollhouse Chibi.

In-Game Interactions Edit

Poke or Grab Edit

The player is given the choice to either poke his paw or to grab his tail. If you poke his paw, he says it tickles. If you pull his tail, he says that it hurts.

Father Edit

He asks the player what her father is like, and she responds with praise for him.

Gathering Edit

He says he gathered something, and you're given the option to ask if it's carrots or potatoes. If you say carrots, he hands them to you. If you say potatoes, he gets surprised, not remembering to get them. You then say you were joking and get the carrots.

Hide and Seek Edit

He asks you to play hide and seek, and you see his tail from behind the sofa. If you say so, he'll be startled. If you don't, you pretend to look for him until he giggles, giving away his hiding spot.

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