Adopted Doll- Normal
Adopted Doll- Surprise

Broken Dolls are two stitched together dolls who appear when you choose clashing traits. both of them have cut off torso with no bottom having a half body only they could only craw with their two arm.

Appearance Edit

Lottie, female doll with bandage over her mouth and a small crack on her right cheek. Lottie's mouth is broke due to hit by the rock on the sea shore. she have a black sclera and a cloudy blue iris same as her brother. a long messy trimmed Carolina hair. she wore bandage around her neck and her right arm.

Elliot, male doll with bandage over his head and his left eyes, he have a short trimmed Carolina hair. he have a black Sclera and a cloudy blue iris same as his sister. he wore bandage around his neck and also his left arm.

Adopted by helen, at the paid version for helen's doll house both of them have better appearance.

Lottie, she now wore a black facial mask over her mouth to hide the broken crack and her mouth but she could not talk. she have a common long sleeve and a black tie. a sewed black vest with her brother with white button.

Ellito, he now wore a black eyes-patch on his left eyes. he wore same common white long sleeve and a black ribbon. a sewed black vest with his sister with white button.

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